39th Area
39th Area



Dai san jū kyū-ku

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Located In

Outer Area

Manga Debut

Chapter 7

The 39th Area (第三十九区 Dai san jū kyū-ku ) is located within the Outer Area.


The 39th Area is home to several Cursed Children, with Initiator Enju Aihara surging from noted location. Many buildings stand weak, as well as destroyed streets and properties. Around the area lies an underground home which Matsuzaki occupies with numerous Cursed Children. Whilst talking to Promoter Rentaro Satomi, the man himself states that, although being well aware of the fact, the condition they live in is dreadful; wishing for the opposite.[1]


The 39th Area is located in an urban surrounding, with collapsing buildings present about. What remains of the walls contains graffiti.[2]


Locations in the 39th Area
Train Station
Train Station
Monoliths near Area 39
Monoliths Near the 39th Area
Surrounding Area
Surrounding Area
Manhole opening
Manhole Opening
Matsuzaki's home
Matsuzaki's Home


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