AGV Experimental Drugs
AGV Experimental Drug

AGV 試験薬


AGV Shiken Kusuri


Experimental Drugs


Rentaro Satomi

AGV Experimental Drug (AGV 試験薬 AGV Shiken Kusuri) is artificial Gastrea Virus.


As its creator, Sumire Muroto claims that an AGV Experimental Drug is a last resort weapon;[1] the user may forfeit their humanity.[2] A drug that utilizes the Gastrea genes to grant the user superhuman healing capabilities for an hour, infecting them with the Gastrea Virus.[3] The drug carries a twenty percent chance of turning its user into a Gastrea; ultimately the reason behind its entitlement of a "double edge sword."[4]

The speed at which wounds heal themselves is relatively exceptional, with injuries caused by Black Bullets healing in a mere about of seconds. Similarly to the Initiator's Ability: Recovery, a smoke covers the wound and, eventually, evaporates into the air when the wound is completely healed. However despite it healing bullet wounds in mere seconds it took Rentaro a few minutes to heal after being hit by Kagetane's Endless Scream attack[5]


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