Albrecht Grünewald is one of the Four Sages, along with Sumire Muroto, Ayn Rand, and Arthur Zanuck. Though the existence of a German branch of the mechanized soldier project is uncertain, Albrecht Grünewald is a scientist from Germany. Due to him not having access to a research lab in his country, he utilized facilities in Japan, Australia, and America to conduct his experiments. Section 16 in Japan was one of the facilities under his jurisdiction and was where he operated on Kagetane Hiruko, providing him with the repulsion field. Sumire Muroto described him as "the one who unified all of this and was in charge of everything", along with stating how his "genius was obviously a rank above that of Arthur, Ayn, and mine", a conclusion that came as a result of her confusion after she glanced at Grünewald's blueprints, with the intent of stealing his knowledge.[1] Edit
  1. Black Bullet Light Novel 2 : Against a Perfect Sniper (pg 89-90, 92)

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