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Black Bullet: Those Who Aimed to be Gods

ブラック・ブレット 神を目指した者たち


Burakku Buretto: Kami o Mezashi ta mono Tachi


Light Novel


630 Yen

Japanese Release Date

July 8, 2011

Black Bullet: Those Who Aimed to be Gods (ブラック・ブレット 神を目指した者たち Burakku Buretto Kami o Mezashi ta mono Tachi) is the first Light Novel Volume of the Black Bullet series by Kanzaki Shiden and Ukai Saki.

The official English name from Yen Press is Black Bullet: Those Who Would Be Gods and will be released August 18, 2015.


The first volume of the Light Novel by Kanzaki Shiden and Ukai Saki. The cover features main character Rentaro Satomi, Initiator Enju Aihara and Tendo Civil Security Corporation president Kisara Tendo. It was released on July 8th of the year 2011, with 345 pages in total and at a sell price of 630 Yen.[1]

The volume contains four chapters: Tendo Civil Security Corporation, The Cursed Children, The Gastrea That Destroyed the World and Those Who Aimed to be Gods.[1]

Commencing the volume is The Defeat, serving as the prologue, and ending it is Pretended Nonchalance, serving as the epilogue.[1]


In a near future humanity is defeated by viral parasites known as Gastrea. After ten years of torment and tragedy, mankind has finally found the means to counter the threat of the Gastrea. Among the people living in despair, a high school student of latent abilities raises.[1]

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