Black Bullet Original Soundtrack is a soundtrack album containing the music of the Black Bullet anime series, composed by Shiro Sagisu.

Track listing Edit

  1. Tokyo 2021
  2. Investigation
  3. Crisis Point
  4. Lament of the Cursed
  5. Project Neo Sapiens
  6. Bridge of the Heavens
  7. Tendo Civil Securities
  8. Tokyo Kickin' Back
  9. Assassin's Pulse
  10. Monolith -the impregnable-
  11. Model Trickster 136
  12. Melinconia
  13. Partners in Crime
  14. Lotus and the Girl
  15. Drone
  16. Aldebaran
  17. The Abyss
  18. Rains of Sorrow
  19. Monolith -the threat-
  20. In from the Dark
  21. Her Sovereignty
  22. Making Peace
  23. Monolith -disintegration-
  24. dream alterna
  25. and then...

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