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Gastrea (ガストレア Gasutorea) are deadly parasites; enemy to all mankind.


It is unclear how Gastrea first began, but it has been recorded in history that in the year 2021 the Gastrea Virus entered the human body through bodily fluids and turned the human into a, what is known to mankind today, Gastrea. After its breakout, Gastrea quickly took mankind's spot at the top of the food chain, almost destroying humanity and taking over most of their land during the Great Gastrea War.[1]


Gastrea are deadly parasites that have risen to the top of the food chain in the past 10 years, defeating the humans in the year 2021. Although they are clouded in mysteries, Gastrea are humans infected with the Gastrea Virus, which gives them various, nonhuman abilities. However, an exception to this are the Cursed Children, who can control the virus inside of them and keep their human physique and possess superhuman abilities.[2]


High Stage Gastrea

Multi-Stage Gastrea.

There are five stages to a Gastrea, with Stage I being the weakest and Stage V the strongest. A Stage I Gastrea has been said to be easily dealt with by a lone team composing of a Promoter and Initiator. Rentaro Satomi explains that Stage I Gastrea have only one ability, being the factor which is prominent to their body shapes; e.g. a spider type that is a Stage I cannot possess flying capabilities. However, Stage II Gastrea can have more than one ability such as flying. Stage III and Stage IV Gastrea have been stated to be immensely strong and cannot be compared to a Stage I.[3] Such feat is proven when Rentaro and Enju quickly make an escape when confronted by a Stage IV Gastrea instead of confronting it.[4] Stage V Gastrea surpass Stage IV Gastrea, with the power to destroy the world. There are, however, only eleven Stage V Gastrea, otherwise known as Zodiac Gastrea. Monoliths, which force Gastrea to stay away from the protected area, are said to be no match for the power of a Stage V Gastrea.[5]


Evolutionary Jump is the name Sumire Muroto gives to the Gastrea Virus' ability to give the host a new and unknown ability on top of their original power,[6] such as a jumping spider gaining the ability to knit its web into a kite,[7] and gliding through the air.[8]Aldebaran, a Stage IV Gastrea was capable of using pheromones to control and lead other Gastrea like an army. It was also capable of regenerating at an incredible speed, becoming nearly immortal. Pleiades, another Stage IV was capable of shooting mercury in the form of a "spear of Light".

Known GastreaEdit

Gastrea Type Stage Name
Humanoid GastreaN/AN/AHumanoid Gastrea
Mouse GastreaN/AN/AMouse Gastrea
Bee GastreaN/AN/ABee Gastrea
Giraffe GastreaN/AN/AGiraffe Gastrea
Spider Type GastreaSpiderISumiaki Okajima
The Original GastreaSpiderIOriginal Gastrea
Crocodile GastreaN/AIICrocodile Gastrea
Shark GastreaN/AIIShark Gastrea
Horseshoe Crab GastreaN/AIIHorseshoe Crab Gastrea
Lizard GastreaBird-LizardIVLizard Gastrea
Fly GastreaBird-InsectN/ADragon Gastrea
Insect-Plant GastreaInsect-PlantIIIFirefly Gastrea

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