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Magata High School
Magata High School



Magnata KōKō

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Tokyo Area

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Manga Debut

Chapter 4

Magata High School (勾田高校 Magnata KōKō) is a school in the Tokyo Area.


Magata High School is an immensely large facility possessing four floors, with each floor containing multiple, dark, small windows. The courtyard is home to a multitude of plants and bushes along with a plain, cement pathway leading to the school's entrance. The entrance leading inside the school is adorned with a set of stairs and transparent glass doors.[1]

The inside of the school is also rather big, with classrooms containing several desks, a board, a bookshelf and the teacher's escritoire along with several other commodities.[2]

The uniform for the boys is simply a dark jacket with lighter-colored edges and dark pants, along with black shoes and a tie. Similarly, the girls don a jacket with lighter-colored edges and a bow tie around their necks, and long, white stockings to cover their thighs; along with a pair of shoes.[1]


Magata High School is located near a train station and close to Magata Elementary School,[3] with a surplus amount of trees surrounding the area.[4]


Locations in Magata High School
MH's Classrooms
MH's Halls
MH's Front Entrance
Front Entrance


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