Rentaro Satomi, Enju Aihara, Shougen Ikuma & Kayo Senju vs. Stage II Gastrea
Rentaro and Shougen team-up

Legacy of the Seven Stars arc


Tokyo Area



Weapons & Abilities

Rentaro Satomi

Enju Aihara

Shougen Ikuma

Kayo Senju

  • None
Damage Sustained/Casualties


Horseshoe Crab Gastrea is killed.

Rentaro Satomi, Enju Aihara, Shougen Ikuma & Kayo Senju vs. Stage II Gastrea is a fight between Promoter of Tendo Civil Security Rentaro Satomi, Model Rabbit Initiator Enju Aihara, Promoter of Mika Island Civil Security Shougen Ikuma and Model Dolphin Initiator Kayo Senju, and three Stage II Gastrea.


Rentaro and Enju leave to find the Gastrea

Rentaro and Enju head out.

Walking the streets alongside many civilians, Rentaro comes across a coughing man. Putting his hands on the man's shoulder, he stops him to question if he is okay, to which the man solely replies by asking for help. Just then, he begins to undergo Shape Corrosion; turning into a Gastrea. However, before he can cause any damage, Promoter Shougen and Initiator Kayo arrive just in time to kill the Gastrea. After Kayo scolds Rentaro for letting his guard down, Tadashima appears behind him and thanks him for taking care of the Gastrea. Although, Rentaro admits that he did nothing. Just then, he receives a call from Kisara, who informs him to head back to the company at once.[1] Finally arriving, Rentaro is hesitant to enter the office, afraid of what Kisara may do to him. Howbeit, as he opens the door, Enju comes from inside and jumps on top of him, telling him that something is wrong with Kisara. As he enters the room, he witnesses Kisara acting like a neko, which shocks him. However, she is quick to return to her former persona when she orders him to head to an area in Tokyo where three Stage II Gastrea have been spotted. Hearing an explosion, he grabs his Springfield XD and jumps through the window, he heading towards the Gastrea.[2]

When they arrive, he begins to evacuate the nearby people; confronted by Shougen, who arrived before them. As Kayo tells them to go home as the Gastrea are too much for them, Enju steps up to contradict her statement.[3]


Kayo witnesses Enju's strength

Kayo witnesses Enju's strength.

Smirking, Enju quickly kills a Horseshoe Crab Gastrea in the blink of an eye, shocking Kayo beyond belief. As she lands on the ground after kicking the beast, she tells Kayo that she was too busy kicking the Gastrea and was unable to her her earlier claim. With her eyes flaring up, she questions what Kayo previously said. Meanwhile, Rentaro ceases his arguments with Shougen, asking him to lend them their strength. The four team-up and head towards the Gastrea in preparation for battle.[4]


The details of the conclusion of this battle are unknown.


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