Kisara using her sword
Snow Shadow

Bladed Weapon


Kisara Tendo

Killing Blade: Snow Shadow is a long-bladed katana. It is referred to as "Yukikage" in both the anime and the light novels.


Although not much is known about Snow Shadow, the Killing Blade has a very simple design, with a rather long blade and a circular cross-guard. The hilt is adorned with small, intricate-pattered ovals running from the base to the pommel, spotting different colors.[1] The blade itself is very strong, as it was able to easily cut through Tina's mini-gun.


  • Snow Shadow resembles the Ōdachi, which was a type of long traditionally made Japanese sword used by the samurai class of feudal Japan.


  1. Black Bullet Manga: Chapter 5, Page 10


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