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Mug of Tamaki
Tamaki Katagiri

片桐 玉樹
(かたぎり たまき)


Katagiri Tamaki




Male Male

Hair Color


Eye Color


Professional Status

Civil Security Corporation


Company President

IP Rank



Yuzuki Katagiri

Base of Operations

Katagiri Civil Security Corporation

Personal Status



Yuzuki Katagiri (Younger sister)


Varanium Knuckle Chainsaws
Mateba Autorevolver

Anime Debut

Episode 2

Japanese Voice

Yoshimasa Hosoya

English Voice

Adams Gibbs

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Tamaki Katagiri (片桐 玉樹, かたぎり たまき, Katagiri Tamaki) is a Promoter, partnered with his younger sister, Yuzuki Katagiri. He is the president of the Katagiri Civil Security Corporation.


Tamaki Katagiri is a man with a blond hair that split in the middle and has yellow eyes. He wear a pair of yellowish-brown sunglasses that helps him to see the spider thread that is released by his sister. He also wears a Varanium knuckle chainsaw and a Varanium-made boots. He has physique that is able to withstand many hits from the opponent and having a great battling skills.


Tamaki is a hotheaded and brash individual. He told Rentaro that he will not work for someone who is weaker than him, as such portraying his arrogance.[1] Although he lost, he accepted his loss and decided to join the adjuvant. His attitude change when it comes to Kisara because he is in charmed with her, calling her 'My Goddess', 'Onesan', etc. He is also seen to be amazed with Kisara's abilities, as she quickly struck down a Gastrea creature with one swipe of her sword.

Synopsis Edit

Third Kanto War arc Edit

When Rentaro come into Katagiri Civil Security Corporation office, he guessed that Rentaro wanted him to join his adjuvant to defend Tokyo Area. When found out from Rentaro that the Monolith will break down in four days, and found out that there are 2,000 Gastrea outside of the Monolith, he immediately ask Yuzuki to send Rentaro and Tina out. Rentaro tries to reason with him to join the adjuvant. It ends out that a fight between Rentaro and Tina, and the Katagiri brother and sisters, has to done in order to decide whether the Katagiri brother and sisters are to join the adjuvant or not. After losing the fight, they decided to join the adjuvant.

Abilities Edit

Promoter (プロモーター Puromōtā): As a Promoter, Tamaki is noted to have the ability to analyze and supervise battle situations, as well as enhanced combat skills.

Hand-to-Hand Combat: Tamaki is seen to be a very skilled combatant, lasting long enough against Rentaro, either by blocking, or parrying his blows.

Equipment Edit

Varanium Chainsaws: Tamaki uses a special knuckle chainsaw made of Varanium. It is able to withstand a punch from Satomi Rentaro's Varanium artificial limbs, and was able to easily destroy the skin covering it. The chainsaws are also capable of easily tearing the body of a Gastrea to pieces.

Relationship Edit


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