• Dark Paladin X

    Copy pasted from this forum post.

    1) Trends are not very favorable towards Black Bullet (or any anime that features a loli in the series) and the American anime fanbase are more hostile towards lolis in general ever since Black Bullet.

    Not many people are talking about Black Bullet even after the initial airing. Not to mention, it's a grimdark lolicon action series pandering to the lolicon fanbase. Not only that, North American Anime fandom trends is more hostile towards lolis and Black Bullet makes the anime the fandom hate lolis even more. Apparently, I understand why lolis are very hated within the American fanbase. Not only some shows have young girls being sexualized, but most lolis are often "mary sue/perfect little sister" character. …

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  • Dark Paladin X

    So Black Bullet happens to be one of the most watched and popular anime in the spring 2014 anime season.  Sentai Filmworks has also picked up this for home video rights in North America as well.  Thus being said, I have high hopes (but at the same time, very doubtful and cautious) that this series will get a high quality English dub with Toonami airing in the near future..

    Now, for those who aren't familiar with Sentai Filmworks , here are a few things you need to know:

    • Sentai Filmworks does dub their anime. However, they only dub a few select titles while they leave some titles released sub-only.  Some of their dubbing decisions are usually based on objective data such as sub-only DVD/BD sales (they do rerelease some of their older sub-only…
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