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    The 1st Episode of the Black Bullet Anime, Last Hope.

    A young boy walks about when thunder is suddenly heard, the people below gaze towards the sky and see a massive Gastrea flying their way. After a jet manages to hit it, it falls and takes some people with it. Rentaro survives, but within his head a voice tells him that if he does not wish to die, then to live. This was the prologue in the LN (this was not adapted into the manga, at least not in one chapter).

    The opening starts up, black bullet by fripSide, and we see some scenes from the PVs and what is to come from Episode 1. After the opening ends, a boy riding a bike enters a building where Gastrea activity is present. He then talks to Tadashima about his Civil Security Company and aff…

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  • Omega natsu2

    Hewo~ Here is Black Bullet Chapter 16. I cleaned the images to the best of my abilities, but I cannot translate, gomen~ Enjoy. :)

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    December 15, 2013 by Omega natsu2

    With the announcement of the Black Bullet Anime, I decided to make a blog that will contain every single detail I can get my hands on until the Anime comes out. Pictures of the anime will also be posted as they are found, as well as PV when they are released.

    Most of the information here comes from Anime News Network

    An anime adaptation for Shiden Kanzaki's Light Novel, Black Bullet, is announced. No date is given, however. Some of the cast and staff has been announced, and it is an incredible bunch. It is as follow:

    Assistant Director: Hiroshi Ikehata
    Series Composition: Tatsuhiko Urahata
    Character Design: Chiho Umishima

    Rentaro Satomi voiced by
    Enju Aihara voiced by
    Kagetane Hiruko voiced by

    For some info on who this peo…

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  • Omega natsu2

    It begins with Rentaro and Enju arriving to the location designated to them by the Government, or the mastermind behind this operation herself: Seitenshi. Whilst they explore the area a bit, they hear an explosion that awakens the forest. Afterwards, they are attacked by a strong-looking Gastrea, but outrun it thanks to Enju. As they... fly Rentaro sees "Heaven's Bridge". Telling Enju about it along the way. After landing, they converse when suddenly Kayo appears...pointing a gun at Enju, and all wounded!

    I thought this chapter was pretty good. I was shocked by the amount of pages though. Some may be wondering how the heck Enju was able to jump so high, but let's not forget that she is model Rabbit, and let alone the Gastrea blood. Thus the l…

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    Chapters 1-9, Review.

    September 1, 2013 by Omega natsu2

    First and foremost, I first stumbled upon the series "Black Bullet" on the same day I created this wiki. Basically, I fell in love with it the moment I read all 10 chapters! So far, I have enjoyed each and every single chapter. They have interesting points and catch the readers' eye the moment you flip the page. Without any further ado, here are my 9 reviews for the 9 translated chapters out there for the fans.

    Promoter, Initiator

    An interesting beginning! It starts off with a brief explanation of a virus that has surpassed mankind in the food chain in the year 2021. The main story commences with a boy, who is undoubtedly the protagonist, trying to get into a building to find a Gastrea infected entity. Once he enters the building, he does no…

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